1. Above & Below
    Steubenville, Ohio
  2. Altars of the Moon
    Portland, Oregon
  3. Chrome Waves
    Indianapolis, Indiana
  4. Contrition
    Chicago, Illinois
  5. deeper graves
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  6. Doomsday
    Chicago, Illinois
  7. FIN
    Chicago, Illinois
  8. Hissing
    Seattle, Washington
  9. Le Chant Funèbre
    Richmond, Virginia
  10. Liar In Wait
    Minneapolis, Minnesota
  11. Lotus Thrones
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  12. Negative Mantra
    Chicago, Illinois
  13. Plaguewielder
    Steubenville, Ohio
  14. Wolvhammer
    Olympia, Washington


disorder-recordings Indianapolis, Indiana

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